Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Labyrinth Lord Distribution Drive

The Labyrinth Lord Distribution Drive kicks off today!

When Labyrinth Lord was first released just under a year ago, I stated that my ultimate goal was to get the game into retail distribution. This goal remains, but I’ve come to realize that it will not happen any time soon without the support of the community. I’ve said it before, and I’ll briefly reiterate here, that it is absolutely crucial that Labyrinth Lord reach retailers if we have any hope at all of bringing old-school gaming back into the mainstream. Our internet audience is a wonderful and loyal group, but we have to expand to the tangible shelves of hobby stores.

If you support retro-clones and old-school games in general (and especially Labyrinth Lord), now is your chance to demonstrate that support in a loud and unmistakable way.

Key 20 has indicated their willingness to distribute Goblinoid Games products. In order to get Labyrinth Lord into distribution, I need to stock their warehouse with an initial print run of 150 copies of Labyrinth Lord, but this is not an expense I can make on my own without pledges of support from the community I seek to serve.

Limited edition hard covers of Labyrinth Lord, in both standard and alternate covers, are now available at a higher distribution support price of $50 per copy. All proceeds will go to getting Labyrinth Lord into retail distribution. At this price we only need about 30 people to buy the book! If we can’t manage this humble number, then maybe some people are right that there is no audience for these games. I say we take that challenge and prove them wrong. My goal is to reach our total number of necessary supporters by the end of August, but we’ll go on as long as it takes.

If you can’t afford to help by buying a limited edition book, there are other ways to pitch in. Go to other online communities and let them all know about this drive. Tell your friends. Help me spread the word!

What do you get for your money? In addition to the limited edition cover with the limited edition seal, all supporters will receive a signed certificate bestowing upon the pledge the official and irrevocable title of “Labyrinth Lord” (see below). You can hang it in your gaming room to intimidate your players and let them know in no uncertain terms who the Lord of the Labyrinth is at your table! Finally, you will receive my deepest thanks and the satisfaction of knowing that when you see Labyrinth Lord on your hobby shop’s shelf, you are directly responsible for making it happen.

Please help me bring people “Back to the Basics” of fantasy gaming.

The distribution supporter’s books can be found here.

Instructions for supporters:

If you buy a book, please be sure to email me your full name and mailing address for the certificate, since Lulu does not give me this information (

Thank You!
Dan Proctor
Goblinoid Games


  1. Thanks for your support, James, I really appreciate it!

  2. I'm glad to help however I can.

    Now if Lulu would finally send me my copy ...

  3. It takes a minimum of 10 days to print a hard cover. I think it can take up to two weeks, though i have never had it take longer than 10 days to print, then a few days for shipping. paperbacks usually take 3 days to print. Sorry you've had to wait so long! That is one downside to POD.

  4. That is one downside to POD.

    All the more reason why we need to get this thing into distribution. :)

  5. Ordered my copy last night. This is a great idea that I hope gets the support it deserves. Really enjoy your blog.

    Keith Edwards

  6. Hell, I've been looking for an excuse to order LL, and it seems like for once procrastination is a virtue!