Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jim Roslof News

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd heard a rumor that former TSR artist, Jim Roslof, was gravely ill. As it turns out, that rumor was unfortunately true. The latest news, courtesy of another former TSR artist, Steve Sullivan, is that Mr Roslof is in the last days of his fight with terminal cancer; he is not expected to live much longer.

This is very sad news, particularly so as it was just a little over a year ago that I rediscovered Roslof's artwork, which had largely slipped under my radar back in the day. As it turned out, several pieces of old school art I liked a great deal were drawn by Roslof and, for one reason or other, I hadn't realized it. Consequently, hearing that he's not long for this world leaves me feeling much worse than I otherwise might upon hearing similar news.

If anyone is interested in sending cards to Mr Roslof and his wife can address this to:
Jim & Laura Roslof
W5409 Kenosha Dr,
Elkhorn WI 53147


  1. Thank you for the update James. That's real sad to hear. I'm another "didn't know I loved his art" fan. My favorite piece being the cover for the Dungeon! board game. (Not for any particular reason other than nostalgia.) I wish the best for his family and loved ones.

  2. The first module I ever actually purchased was with one of his covers, Horror On The Hill, and will always be the seminal piece that I most associate with him.

    Here's to a peaceful departure if such is the case...his art will live on for those of us who grew up during the golden era of D&D.

  3. Sad news indeed. I loved Mr Roslof's work from the moment I opened Deities & Demigods and saw his illustrations for the gods and heroes of the Greek and Finnish mythoi. Look at the details of Lemminkainen's tunic or Louhi's jewellery. Look at Cerberus, Hades, Hecate (gulp!), Pan, and the wicked talons on that vulture swooping to carve out the liver of Prometheus. Miniature masterpieces, every one.

    It was a pleasant surprise to behold his penmanship gracing several pages in Michael Curtis's Dungeon Alphabet last year, and I hoped we might see more of it in OSR products yet to come. I still hope so but, if it's not to be, his place in the pantheon is already secure.

  4. Very sad news. Jim's artwork for B5: Horror on the Hill is one of my favourite pieces of RPG art. Like Glad, it was the first module I purchased (at the same time I bought my Moldvay book).

  5. Horror on the Hill was one of my faves. Is there any place online that we can send greetings?

    Sending cards from the Philippines will take weeks (and sometimes a month or more).

  6. The cover of The Keep On the Borderlands stands out to me... and then open it up to the interior title page, and there's a halflng going up against an Owlbear. That Owlbear encounter might be one of my favorite Roslof illustrations. He definitely inspired me. This news is sad to hear.

  7. Illustrations you linked in your earlier post, the warrior slaying a dragon and particulary and the winged god of victory have beautiful art nouveau infuence in them and remind me of works of Alphonse Mucha. It is sad to discover such illustrator like Roslof at news like this.

  8. Sending a card tomorrow morning. This is truly sad news.

  9. How sad...even moreso that I'm just now finding out about this and therefore was not able to drop him a line of appreciation (more the reason I'd love to contact Dave Trampier!). I'm sure he contributed a big part of all of our youthful memories...thanks to the artists, who make life that much less drab and mundane!