Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Ads of Dragon: Heroes

Issue #86 (June 1984) saw this ad appear in the pages of Dragon:
As you can see, Heroes was Avalon Hill's roleplaying magazine, supporting the four RPGs the company published at the time: James Bond 007, Lord of Creation, Powers & Perils, and RuneQuest. Since I didn't regularly play most of those games -- James Bond was the exception -- I never actually checked out Heroes, though I did see it in many game and hobby stores, probably because Avalon Hill was a local company. I kind of regret that now, not least because Tom Moldvay apparently wrote a number of articles for Lords of Creation that appeared in Heroes and I'm rather curious to read them.

Ah well.


  1. I'm would also like to have seen what Tom wrote about Lords of Creation. I own it, but have no idea how to run it.

  2. You know, I've seen that picture a few times here and there, but I only now realize the man in the bearskin on the left is Harrek the Berserk...

  3. [Hero 1/1] Survival Run of the Starnomads

    A Lords of Creation scenario in which Starnomads, newly coming of age, attempt to prove themselves worthy of tribal membership through various trials. An "hard" science-fiction adventure by Lords of Creation designer, Tom Moldavay.

    [Hero 1/2] Alienating Yourself (Part 1)

    Science fiction races for Lords of Creation. By Tom Moldavay.

    [Hero 1/3] Alienating Yourself (Part 2)

    More science fiction races for Lords of Creation. By Tom Moldavay.

    [Hero 1/4] Pirates, Buccaneers & Highwaymen

    For Lords of Creation duelling rules by Tom Moldavay.

    [Hero 1/5] Swordsmen, Real and Reeled

    Swashbucklers from history and cinema for use with the Lords of Creation duelling rules. By Tom Moldavay.

    [Hero 2/2] Dragonslayers

    Rules for dragons and their slayers by William Wilson Goodson, Jr.

  4. IIRC Pirates, Buccaneers & Highwaymen is the only one that's a pain to track down. That's in a special RuneQuest issue, so all the RQ fans will pay top dollar for it on the eBay.

  5. Is Harrek the same as White Bear from Glorantha? Cause that is who the bear guy is.

  6. I'm not certain - I'm not that studied an Glorantha-phile. I do know that Harrek slew a bear god, skinned him, and wore his hide as armor.

  7. Yes, Harrek the Berserk is the White Bear of "White Bear and Red Moon." Technically he killed the White Bear (his tribe's god) and wore its skin, but you can see why he might be called that.

  8. I remember thinking this is a cool ad. especially the bear dude and the space Nazi helmet guy.
    But I never did buy the game.

  9. I had a mini for White Bear for a long time, but like a lot of beloved figures got lost in time. I used it mostly for Champions games.