Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr Holmes!

Over at his excellent blog devoted to all things Blue Book, Zenopus reminds us that today is the 82nd anniversary of the birth of Dr J. Eric Holmes, who edited my favorite edition of D&D. Head on over and offer up a testimonial in memory of Dr Holmes.


  1. Without Holmes' passion for D&D, there would have been no Moldvay/Cook/Marsh B/X, Mentzer sets or the bestselling Black Box/Rules Cyclopedia combo! If his seminal work never existed, I, amongst *many* others would've likely never discovered non-electronic RPGs. My appreciation for the Blue Book grows with every re-reading(much like my admiration for the 1st Ed DMG, AD&D Fiend Folio, Stormbringer 1st Ed., and Tunnels and Trolls 5.5!), and a Holmes campaign, rather than just one-shots, will hopefully soon be in the offering!

    Thanx for posting this timely reminder in honor of this important personage in D&D history!

  2. Thanks for the mention, James. Lots of great responses so far!