Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Towers of Krshal

Albert Rakowski, the mad genius behind the OD&D-in-space supplement, Terminal Space, has just released something new. Entitled Towers of Krshal, it's a 32-page collection of NPCs, random tables, and maps to aid referees in the creation and running of city-based fantasy campaigns. The book is available in both printed and electronic form through

I've not yet had the chance to look over the book extensively yet myself, so I cannot comment at any length just yet (a formal review will be forthcoming, once I get out from under the backlog of others I still need to post). However, I can honestly say that, if you liked Terminal Space and its approach and presentation, you'll almost certainly enjoy Towers of Krshal too. City adventuring is, I think, an overlooked aspect of fantasy roleplaying, so it's good to see more tools being produced to support it.


  1. Skryba RPG KeposJuly 4, 2012 at 7:06 PM

    Vivat Omlet ;)!


    Scribe :).

  2. Omlet does great stuff. Looking to pick up Krshal this weekend.

  3. Im really intrigued about this Terminal Space! Anyone have it? What's it like?

  4. I bought this and loved it. If anyhting, I wish it had been denser and had more, more, more. As it is, it's a lot of fun.

  5. My copy arrived in the post this morning. It's splendid, flavourful stuff.

  6. Great stuff. It's very good to see this get a boost here. On the whole I think we need less posts along the lines of 'I bought it and loved it' than those that say 'I know about this and it might be right up your alley'. The community and its interests are so broad and deep that there's a lower likelihood otherwise in materials being matched with players, to the loss of both parties at least, and masterpieces or the seeds of future masterpieces might be falling through the cracks. We all win where we encourage and support each other's best efforts.