Monday, October 15, 2012

I've been involved in Tékumel fandom to varying degrees since the 1990s, when there was mini renaissance of interest in M.A.R. Barker's science fantasy setting. Among the many things that emerged from that time was an "official" website dedicated to the setting created and maintained by Peter Gifford. The site recently underwent an overhaul and is very attractive indeed, with sections devoted not just to the setting itself but also to gaming on Tékumel. There are forums and archives, too, the latter being especially interesting, since it includes a wide range of older resources.

It's an extremely good and useful website. If you have even a passing interest in one of the great settings of our hobby, you owe it to yourself to visit


  1. What is going on in this tiny pic, and whose art it is, there is something oddly familiar in it?

  2. You can see the full illustration (a bit cropped) here:

    It's the cover image from Swords & Glory Volume One (The Tékumel Sourcebook), and is by Tony Belammbo (or at least that's what I've written on the site, it may be an error as a search brings up no other instances of his name and I don't have my copy with me to check). As to what it depicts, it appears to be a battle scene on the streets of a Tékumellian city. There's a nonhuman Pé Chói on the left, but I'm not sure if the armour and shield devices of the foreground figures actually identify where they're from. Any Tékumel fans out there know?

  3. Ahh, a bit more info on the combatants here:

  4. More info - the artist was Tony Balammbo, who has since passed away, unfortunately. I'll correct that page immediately.

  5. Hey, thanks for the answer Universal Head, and that bigger image Tony Balammbo art looks great.

    This would be byt he same artist?

    Man, he was good.

  6. Yes, same artist. Though don't look as effective at these small sizes, but I do think these two illustrations really capture the exotic feel of Tékumel.

  7. Did you ever get the “Bethorm: The Plane of Tekumel” by UNI Games? I’d be curious to know what you think of it for the newcomer to Tekumel.

    1. I did! I was at a convention a few years ago and played in a game refereed by Jeff Dee himself. I had fun and thought the rules were just fine.