Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Here's an example of the advertisement for Golden Heroes I mentioned in my post about issue #24 of Imagine. Games Workshop really pushed this game at the time (1984-ish) and I eventually bought a copy. I should probably do a full post on the game itself sometime, but my recollection is that it was more complex than Marvel Super Heroes but much less so than Champions. There were a number of elements that I liked a great deal, such as its character improvement rules and rules for solving mysteries, but it's been years since I last looked at it and might well be misremembering. I bring this up because it's a rare example of an advertisement that actually worked in getting me to buy the advertised product and that alone makes it noteworthy. (That said, "Whoom!" is a terrible attempt at an onomatopoeia). 


  1. The designer maintains a website here. My understanding is that his Squadron UK game is somewhere between a clone and a second edition; I believe he tried to republish GH but GW blocked it, despite showing no interest in the game since 1986.

    1. Bit like the situation with Villains & Vigilantes at FGU and Dee's Living Legends RPG, that - although in fairness to FGU they have continuously sold V&V and are still putting out the odd new release for it even now, so at least they aren't doing the dog in teh manger thing GW is.