Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Fantasy Trip

In the course of seeking out information on an unrelated topic, I came across the following image:
In case it's not obvious, this is a portion of a sheet of LSD blotter paper. Blotter paper frequently featured artwork, often psychedelic, occult, or fantastical in nature. Given that, I suppose it was inevitable that there'd eventually be blotter art directly inspired by – or, as in the case above, directly taken from – specific works of fantasy. 

From what I've been able to gather, this blotter paper came from Mexico in 1980 or '81. This matches the period when Marvel licensed its popular Conan the Barbarian comic to Editorial Novaro. This was actually the second time Marvel had licensed the character in Mexico, the first being a decade earlier, when Editorial La Prensa published the series under the title Vulcano el Barbaro. Because the blotter paper identifies the character as Conan rather than Vulcano and features the artwork of John Buscema rather than Barry Smith, the early '80s timeframe makes the most sense. (The history of Conan in Mexico is actually quite an interesting topic. Perhaps I'll delve into that in a future post).

Strictly speaking, none of this has much relevance to the history or play of RPGs, but it's one of those oddities that appeals to me that I like sharing. This makes me wonder if there's ever been any blotter paper with artwork taken from D&D or another roleplaying game … 


  1. Not quite the Steve Jackson Games RPG post I ws expecting from the title. :)

    I have always kind of wondered how deliberate a drug reference the name of that game was, though.

    1. I had the same wrong expectation based on the title.

    2. Ditto but now I can see an easy way to upgrade those old Microgames.

  2. huh. James, you have time for this, but you have not reviewed the Dungeons and Dragons Tricycle? Come on, now

  3. Another fine example of high fantasy...

  4. Now that's what I call a trip!