Monday, January 31, 2022


An illustration of a wizard (mago) from the second edition of the Italian fantasy roleplaying game, Kata Kumbas (1988).


  1. I'll bet dollars to dice that the artist was influenced by Jim Holloway.

    Heck, IS it by Holloway?

    1. Odd; it doesn't look like Holloway at all to me. I suppose this is a case of YMMV.

  2. Replies
    1. No kidding. Little uneven though, needs a trim.

    2. I don't know, I hear asymmetrical facial hair is all the rage with alumni of the College of Definitive Annihilation. Makes it less obvious when you accidentally char some of it to ash with those risky "danger close" spells.

  3. Facial expression is Holloway-esque.

  4. Yes, second edition has some pretty stunning art. Some of it os very reminiscent of Sergio Toppi's style.
    The art budget was high at EL.
    EL first made its foray in gaming with Gamebooks, they hit their jackpot by translating and publishing Lone Wolf in italian.
    A few years later they publoshed some real RPGs: Kata Kumbas, the german rpg The Dark Eye, the mistery fiction rpg Holmes & Co. (With art by Vittorio Giardino), the fantahistorical I Cavalieri del Tempio (about the knight Templars).
    All these had high producti9n values for the time.

    I Cavalieri del Tempio

    Holmes & Co.

  5. A bit flamboyant for a Carthaginian general.

  6. I get a Metal Hurlant vibe from this and the art on the previously posted overview...

    Which I like.