Monday, June 27, 2022

Everything Old is New Again

I've been re-reading the RuneQuest second edition rulebook. In the fifth chapter (Basic Magic), there's a note under the section "Learning Spells" that is (perhaps) an amusing reflection of the decade in which the book was written – and, ironically, relevant again more than four decades later.

NOTE: To buy a variable spell, a character must pay the cost of each lower point spell as well as the level he wishes to buy. In other words, to obtain Healing 3, Healing 1 and Healing 2 must also be bought, a total cost of 3000 L.

If the referee prefers a campaign with lots of money available, the cost of spells should be raised. Inflation, you know.

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  1. My favourite kind of fantasy in a potential fantasy RPG is not having to deal with inflation.