Monday, September 26, 2022

Taking D&D Out of the Dark Ages

An advertisement for Mattel's Dungeons & Dragons Electronic Labyrinth Game from issue #51 of Dragon (July 1981).


  1. Crumogeon that I am I always get mad when board games these days want you to download an app to play.

    I don't mind electronic game play like the above, or mall madness, or other early efforts, but for some reasons apps bother me.

  2. I recieved this as a birthday present when I was a kid, When I got into Jr. High the metal figures became the first minis I ever painted... The Dragon looked dashing painted black with gray belly. fond memories...

  3. Heh. A well-off friend of mine back then (whose parents must've had batteries stockpiled in preparation for the Apocalypse) would use this in conjunction with Dark Tower, another computer-assisted fantasy boardgame from the same period.

    Don't remember what precise switchover rules he used, but I think if the illuminated electronic DT whirligig returned an 'empty' result for the tomb/graveyard space, then the action would move to Mattel's Labyrinth and there'd be a dungeon crawl.

    Needless to say, we never got to complete a full game this way...