Monday, November 21, 2022

Grognard's Grimoire: Kelthaga

Kelthaga (Hateful Dead)

A kelthaga by Zhu Bajie
A kelthaga is a mindless undead being fueled by hatred of the living. There are two known means by which a kelthaga comes to be. The first is death through obliteration (see Magic); the second is through a recondite version of necromancy known to certain sects (see Alignment). The only difference between the two types is the singular focus of the first compared to the more general malice of the second. Once a kelthaga of either type comes within 6p of living beings, it will relentlessly pursue them until it is physically unable to do so. 

DR 14, HD 3** (13hp), Att 1 × touch (1d6 + Vigor drain), AB +2, MV 18p (6p), SV F12 D13 M14 E15 S16, ML 12, XP 65, NA 1d4 (1d6), TT None (see below)

        • Undead: Makes no noise, until it attacks. Immune to effects that affect living creatures (e.g. poison). Immune to mind-affecting or mind-reading disciplines and spells.
          • Mundane weapon immunity: Only harmed by spells or magic weapons.
            • Regeneration:  A damaged kelthaga regains 1hp at the start of each round, as long as it is above 0hp. Severed limbs reattach.
              • Return from death: If killed (0hp), will regenerate and fight again in 2d6 rounds.
                • Fire: Cannot regenerate damage from fire. The only way to kill a kelthaga permanently.
                  • Vigor drain: Victims lose 1 VIG per hit. Recovers after 8 turns. If reduced to 0 VIG, the victim becomes a kelthaga.
                    • Necromantic plaque: Kelthaga created by necromancy wear a plaque worth 500dm for its materials alone, possibly more to a connoisseur of the arcane.


                1. There's something appealing about a creature that uses its own severed limb as a club. Now that's fortitude.

                2. G'day James; have you ever shown us how you brief Zhu Bajie on the art for these creatures? Might make for an interesting post (or not, what do I know...).

                  1. That's a very good question. My briefs vary in detail, depending on the subject. Some include lots of specific direction, with references to real world things, while others are much looser and give Zhu a lot of latitude to come up with his own interpretations. Usually, he sends me a few sketches of possible interpretations and I then pick the one I like best, which he then finishes.

                3. Replies
                  1. No, it's an ability score that is equivalent to STR and CON in D&D.