Friday, December 16, 2022

Jeff Easley in Savage Sword of Conan

A commenter to my earlier post pointed out that former TSR staff artist Jeff Easley was responsible for the frontispiece to issue #30 of Marvel's Savage Sword of Conan (June 1978). I did not know this, so I poked around online for a little bit and found the image in question. The issue in which it appeared was published almost four years before Easley began work at TSR, so it's a good example of artwork from earlier in his career and I thought others might be interested in seeing it. There are no doubt many more examples of Easley's pre-TSR art to be found.


  1. The frontispiece in "Savage Sword" was a thing. It often featured great black-and-white, pin-up art, and seems to have been specially commissioned for the magazine.

    The pieces lent themselves exceptionally well to photocopying - the inside of my locker door in high school featured many of these...