Friday, December 23, 2022

The Definitive Edition

Toward the end of the summer of this year, I wrote a retrospective on Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series. The series began in 1984 and eventually grew to encompass 29 volumes before the death of Dever in 2016. Dever's son, Ben, intended to use his father's note to bring things to a conclusion (and the total number of books to 32).

To do that, Holmgard Press has announced the Definitive Edition of Lone Wolf in the United Kingdom. This edition consists of hardcover books with all new cover and interior illustrations, along with several other improvements and embellishments. There's no word yet as to when (or if) this edition will be released anywhere else in the world, though I hope it will be, since there's a lot of interest in this series outside the UK. 

You can find out more about the Definitive Edition and other Lone Wolf-related news at its official website


  1. The first five books (saga of Kai) will be translated to spanish and published in 2023 by Celaeno Books. They ran a (very successful) crowdfunding campaign using the spanish platform Verkami this year.

    The rest of The books will be translated later. They were very popular in Spain in the 80's

  2. I ordered the first seven, here in the US, and the first five have already shipped to my home. Given that Mongoose failed to deliver on their promise, I never received book 29 in the series due to the license changing hands so many times, I am looking forward to these new volumes as the way to get the full set.