Thursday, February 9, 2023


From Dungeons & Dragons module B2, Keep on the Borderlands:

The use of this module requires a working familiarity with its layout and design. Therefore, the first step is to completely read through the module, referring to the maps provided to learn the locations of the various features. A second (and third!) reading will be helpful in learning the nature of the monsters, their methods of attack and defense, and the treasures provided.

From module B3, Palace of the Silver Princess:

Before beginning the adventure, the DM should read this module thoroughly to become familiar with its details.  

From module B4, The Lost City:

Before beginning the adventure, please read the module thoroughly to become familiar with the Lost City. 

From Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module A1, Slave Pits of the Undercity:

Before commencing play, it is recommended that the DM read the module thoroughly and become familiar with the information given. 

From module A2, Secret of the Slavers Stockade:

Before beginning play, the DM must read all parts of the module thoroughly. 

From module C1, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan:

It is recommended that the DM read the module thoroughly several times before play starts, making notes in the margins where useful.

From module C2, The Ghost Tower of Inverness:

It is necessary that the DM read the module thoroughly before play. It may be useful to make notes in the margins at some points. 

From module S1, Tomb of Horrors:

Please read and review all of the material herein, and become thoroughly familiar with it before beginning the module. 

From module S2, White Plume Mountain:

Please read the entire module through and thoroughly familiarize yourself with complex areas before beginning play. 

From module S3, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks:

Be certain that you are quite familiar with the entire module, and read each encounter section carefully.  

 etc. etc.


  1. Those were the days! The biggest difference between getting familiar with a published AD&D adventure and a 4e or 5e book is page count. 24-36 pages is a reasonable ask, 128+ pages is just work.

    1. now do Rappan Athuk. bleh, love mega dungeons, cannot get through them. same as say, Masks of Nyarlathotep

    2. Yes, but you don't need to read all of Rappan Athuk or Masks to run them adequately. Megadungeons are invariably segmented into areas that will keep the party occupied for a session or more, and all you really need to have prepped are the section they have current access to and whatever ones they might reasonably wind up in if they (say) flee in terror into unexplored territory, or get dumped into by a trap. Masks sprawls over multiple distant geographical areas, and you don't need to prep for more than the one(s) the PCs will be operating in that session.

      Still helps to skim the whole book, especially if they lack a good overview/synopsis section, but you don't need to memorize what's in room 17D of level 12 when the party's starting the week at the first level entrance. :)