Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speaking of Artwork ...

Anybody out there have the skills and interest to do a banner for the website of the megadungeon? I don't want or need anything too elaborate -- I want to keep the website very straightforward and fast to load -- but I do want something that's eye-catching, attractive, and speaks to the idea behind this project: a collaborative, community-based, old school dungeon.

As with everything, I can't offer anyone a thing except my thanks for helping me with this.


  1. I could try to come up with something. Send me an email at: surfus_maximus@hotmail.com.

    You've probably seen some of my illustrations in S&W whitebox and the second printing of the core rules. Give me some ideas of what you want and I'll give it a shot. Just so you know, I don't really use computers much with my art (except for colorization) I just use paper and ink for the most part.

  2. Maybe we could collaborate, Atom. You do some snazzy illustrationy bits, and I'll do the cleanup and digital design bits. Email at manatrance@gmail.com if interested.

  3. Alternatively I might recommend Lee Barber -- his style is very old schooly, and probably would be open to do it.

  4. James, I've emailed re: my interest in helping out with the banner.

  5. My artwork doesn't deserve to be looked at, but for lack of a better design, what about an old-school-esque party of adventurers and henchmen in a construction site-esque scene? (Perhaps using monsters rather than heavy equipment?)

    Too fancy?

  6. Interestingly, a similar idea is being worked on as we speak :)


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