Monday, August 25, 2008

CONTEST: Grognard's Challenge #4

With the third Grognard's Challenge now completed -- the winner will be announced shortly -- it's time to turn to Challenge #4. For this contest, the prize is the volume pictured to the left: Supplement III of Dungeons & Dragons (1974), Eldritch Wizardry

The fourth Grognard's Challenge is somewhat more specific than previous ones: create, describe, and provide game stats (if necessary) for a single new demonic monster (including demon lords), artifact/relic, or psionic item. Unlike Challenge #1, there is no word limit on this challenge, so feel free to make it as long as you feel necessary. Game stats should be for either OD&D or AD&D (or compatible retro-clones/simulacra).

Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, brevity (there may be no word limit, but concision is rewarded), and old school feel, the last of which is an entirely subjective metric based solely on my own peculiar preferences, most of which regular readers of the blog should know by now. The whole point of this and subsequent contests is to foster an appreciation for old school traditions and philosophies, so bear that in mind. Think pulp fantasy and the early days of the hobby and you'll be on the right track. No one is barred from entering, including friends and colleagues. I will post the winning entry here and explain why I selected it over its competitors, meaning that even were my wife to submit an entry -- not that she will -- it still has to withstand my rather exacting standards. Winners receive a copy of Eldritch Wizardry (in nearly mint condition) and retain ownership of their creation, which they may then do with as they please (I recommend submitting it to Fight On! or another old school product).

The contest begins immediately and ends at midnight (EST) on September 8, 2008. Submissions may be sent to my email address indicated on the right hand side of this blog. Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged, but each one must be sent in a separate email. Although not strictly necessary, I'd appreciate it if you'd make the subject line of your submission something like "Grognard's Challenge #4" as that'll make it easier to keep the emails straight in my inbox.

Any questions about the contest can be asked either in the comments below or by sending me an email at the address to the right.


  1. Interesting cover, alongside your comment about the description of the statue. Why does this image say Eldritch Wizardry, I wonder?

  2. Eldritch Wizardry was, I am told, largely the result of Brian Blume's own love of pulp fantasy, which is why it's filled with demons and ancient artifacts and the like. The cover by Deborah Larson really does capture some of the luridness of old pulp magazine covers, so it's entirely appropriate.