Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shilling Isn't Just an English Coin

I've mentioned Paizo's Planet Stories line of reprints a lot in this blog. I do that for a couple of reasons. One is that I like Paizo; I think their hearts are in the right place when it comes to our shared hobby and I'd like to see them succeed. Another is that they're singlehandedly doing more to educate today's gamers about the literary foundations of the hobby than probably any company out there. The stories they're reprinting are forgotten classics by authors whose influence on D&D cannot be underestimated. I'm a firm believer, as you know, in respecting the past and Planet Stories is a giant love letter to the early days of fantasy and science fiction.

I had been buying each book in the series piecemeal through local retail stores. However, I decided that, since I was buying them all anyway, I might as well get a subscription. Obviously, this isn't something everyone will want to do, not even if you're a fan of pulp literature. Still, I'd like to recommend it as an option, because I'd like to see Planet Stories prosper for many years to come. And maybe one day my dream of seeing every author and story in Appendix N to the Dungeon Masters Guide back in print will come true.


  1. Paizo's products ooze substance and style. I've been hemming and hawing about a Planet Stories subscription. In the end, and despite the discount, I chose not to sign up for a Planet Stories subscription . There are a handful of books that really don't interest me. However, I ordered a C.L. Moore's stories and City of the Beast. Once I'm done with those I will likely pick up another batch. So even if I'm not a subscriber, I suppose that makes that makes me a frequent buyer.

    Thanks to you, James, I was also inspired to hunt for some oldies but goodies via BookMooch. I'm currently reading through Jack Vance's Dying Earth… I was quite tickled to to find out that even the most powerful wizards can barely hold half-a-dzoen spells!

  2. The biggest thing stopping me is how much I'd already collected of what I see they've done. Then again, that could be skewed. I see a lot of Brackett and Moore, both of whom I've hunted down and collected.

    The Kline books look like must buys though. I'm dedicated to getting Mars back from NASA's damned probes.

  3. So even if I'm not a subscriber, I suppose that makes that makes me a frequent buyer.

    I don't get kickbacks for every book they sell, so it's all good :) And, believe me, I know exactly where you're coming from. So long as people are picking up volumes that interest them, I'm very happy and I'm sure Paizo is too.

  4. I'm dedicated to getting Mars back from NASA's damned probes.


  5. I haven't bought any of the Planet Stories books yet, but they were giving away three of them at Worldcon, and I've started reading 'Black God's Kiss'. Mmmm... free book.

    It's good stuff. I think I'll be buying more of these.