Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assistance (Again)

Anybody out there in the ether able to (quickly) create an B&W "ad" for this blog that doesn't use the image from the from PHB I have in my lovely masthead? Ideally, it'd include the name, subtitle, and address of the blog, along with some sort of image I could freely reproduce without infringing on anyone's copyright.



  1. ATOM (of Three-headed Troll) has done a piece of the demon idol from the PHB cover (it appears in the Labyrinth Lord supplement LARM) and you could ask him if he would allow that graphic to appear in the ad in place of your normal idol graphic.


  2. Well I don't, but color me curious anyway. ;)

  3. Well, I assume it's to go into Knockspell magazine, we're giving free ads, graphic or classified to anyone with an old-school gaming blog, website, etc.

  4. What size does it need to be?

    Someone has kindly completed the project for me, so I no longer need any assistance with it. Thanks to everyone who offered to do so. I very much appreciate it.