Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art of the Old School Announcement

Produced by Matt Finch and jointly published by Knockspell and Fight On! magazines, Art of the Old School represents an effort to win the Lulu Author Sales Contest. Currently Fight On! is in third place and Knockspell is in seventh place. Both publishers would like to finish in the top three, for which there is a monetary award, among other benefits. Perhaps more importantly, it'd be a signal that the old school renaissance represents a serious movement of more than just a few disgruntled old guys complaining on their blogs.

Art of the Old School costs $9 and available for purchase from the webstores of either Mythmere Games or Fight On! Magazine. Buying a copy
will help put one or both publishers over the top in the final contest standings. If you buy one from each store and give the extra to a friend, you can combine shipping even when your products come from different sources. You might also want to consider buying copies of Fight On!, Knockspell, Swords & Wizardry, and all the other great products these publishers have for sale. All products must be purchased by the end of March to count for the contest, and, as of April 1, Art of the Old School will be gone forever.


  1. I think this is great idea, and that's an absolutely amazing cover... Sadly I'm a penniless pauper 'til the 3rd, so I'm missing out on this and on the Fight On! hardcover because they're only available 'til the 1st. Such a shame, but nonetheless this sounds like a very cool product, hope it gets a reprint along the way or something so I can pick it up too.

  2. Art and illustations, all b/w, from a wide variety of artists who have done work for old school publications, modules, etc.

  3. So what's actually in it?

    If you go to one of the web stores and click on the product, it will open the Lulu page for the book. Lulu has a "preview" button that will let you take a look at the beginning of the book and some of the art.

  4. I ordered mine last night..along with a hardcopy version of S&W Core Rules. I can't wait to see the artwork. For what it's worth, the Fight On! and Knock Spell magazines I've gotten in print from Lulu are high-quality ink,paper and binding. I was surprised, considering the price and that it's POD.

  5. I bought mine this afternoon. This is a fabulous idea and I was literally giddy when I ordered it! It's the first book (e.g., not PDF) I've purchased off Lulu, so I'm real excited!!

  6. This is awesome. Thanks for supporting Fight On! and Knockspell.

    I will also mention that the Fight On! store has some other unique and one-of-a-kind products that are probably gone forever after tomorrow. There's a hardbound compendium of all four issues of Fight On!, a book of Calithena's campaign notes with some interesting tables, rules ideas, and fluff, and a somewhat disturbing short story that Cal wrote. You can find all that at