Friday, March 13, 2009

Yet More Megadungeon News

Just a quick update: we're on track to go live next week with a basic website and information about the surface ruins of the megadungeon. That ought to be a good start to the whole project. With luck, we'll also have some subterranean material as well, such as the catacombs and the first level of the dungeon proper. If not, they'll be coming along soon enough.

Once again, thanks to everyone who's been pitching in to get this done. I have no idea how successful this project will prove in the end, but it won't be for lack of assistance from others. Wish us luck.


  1. I apologize if I missed it in an earlier update, but does the megadungeon have a name (or will it)?

  2. The dungeon itself will be called Urheim, a name suggested to me by Ken Hite. I rather like it, especially because I can now call the surface ruins the Monastery of St. Gaxyg at Urheim.

  3. I am looking forward to this as well, James, and have been considering tossing a level your way in the not so distant future when not so pressed with other design work. It would be sent by mail, as my scanning abilities are nil at the moment. Let me know if this is kosher.


  4. Let me know if this is kosher.

    That'd be more than kosher. I'd be quite honored to use anything you send my way. Thanks kindly.

  5. Consider it done then, James. I will squeeze it in or perhaps choose from some done already. RJK