Saturday, August 8, 2009

John Carter of Mars Cast News

According to a link I discovered through Original Edition Fantasy, Andrew Stanton's live-action John Carter of Mars film begins shooting next January, with a 2012 release date. Principal casting is now complete, with two actors I've never heard of starring as John Carter and Dejah Thoris, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins respectively, with Willem Dafoe as Tars Tarkas (presumably just his voice, since I suspect he'll be a CGI character).

I learned long ago not to make any determinations about a film based solely on its casting, since, more times than I can recall, seemingly bizarre cast choices worked brilliantly while seemingly perfect ones proved less than ideal. Consequently, I continue to remain hopeful that Stanton has what it takes to bring Barsoom to the big screen in a way that's true to the novels. He's made a lot of the right noises in various interviews I've read, but, of course, this is a Hollywood production, so anything is possible, especially completely failing to miss the point of the original Burroughs stories.

Fingers crossed.


  1. OH man, been waiting for a John Carter movie for decades. But we fanboys all know that movies like this are made to break our hearts.

    Somehow, I almost want them to just do a Disney musical cartoon. I mean, I grew up loving Tarzan books, and the animated Tarzan movie came closer to capturing the Apeman and his life than any live action film ever did. The songs so perfectly fit Tarzan. And can you imagine the buxom, curvy cartoon Dejah? Oh yeahhh....

  2. And can you imagine the buxom, curvy cartoon Dejah? Oh yeahhh....

    To be fair, no mere human actress could ever properly portray the incomparable Dejah Thoris, but we'll have to make do somehow.

  3. Both actors are from the latest Wolverine flick. Kitsch was Gambit, Collins was Wolverine's love interest.

    I think I'm on board with Kitsch though he doesn't strike me as a "war veteran" per the books the description. And while Collins is a good actress, Dejah Thoris should be someone exotic, something akin to Manuela Arcuri or someone of similar presence and complexion. (IMHO)

  4. P.S. Casting was announced back in June, but we're still waiting on the updated concept art. Here's a look at a at a previous pass done by Phil Saunders for Jon Favreau's version (who was slated to direct before Stanton.

    And here's a neat few sketches by Rafael Kayanan for the 2005 version that was to be helmed by Kerry Conran, director of "Sky Captain: World of Tomorrow".

    For the record, I think Pixar will do a fine job with the story and visuals. :)

  5. Such pessimism! James, have you ever known Pixar to make a bad movie?

  6. James, have you ever known Pixar to make a bad movie?

    First, yes.

    Second, I don't believe this is a Pixar movie. It's a Disney movie helmed by a Pixar guy. Not quite the same thing.

  7. ...You're the first person I've ever known to answer that in the affirmative.
    I love you to death, but goddamn are you ever negative.

  8. but goddamn are you ever negative.

    Saying that I have known Pixar to make a bad film makes me negative? I have to admit that's a new criticism.

  9. I imagine this will be released under the Touchstone brand. It's not going to be "Disney-like" and I believe I read that they're aiming for a PG-13 rating.

  10. When news first came out about Stanton it was assumed by several news outlets it would be Pixar (which was incorrect). So James is right that it's Disney.

    My hopes aren't diminished as I'm confident that Disney can deliver on effects and Stanton is a more than capable writer/director. That said, we're two years off from seeing anything even in the way of a preview, so I think "fingers crossed" is the right sentiment.