Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who provided me with what I needed regarding the 12 x 12 table set-up. I've now got several workable templates I can reuse. I'm in the process of creating a random name generation system for NPCs and these tables will make my job much easier.

Thanks again.


  1. Did you try the Everchanging book of names aplication? I have a "book" with thousand of names printed classified by type.

    Great blog, too.

  2. James, would you consider posting it when you're done? It would be neat to see.

  3. I think it's awesome that you decided to use a d12 for the table. I was recently bemoaning the fact that the d12 gets very little love at the gaming table. The d12 has an almost exotic allure, because it gets used so infrequently.

  4. @ A Paladin -- You do know all the games James and I do with Rogue Games runs on a d12 right? ;-)

  5. @Richard: I did not, and now I must look up Rogue Games!

    Thanks for the referral!

    Verification Word -- noggeeto: Nacho chips only available at christmas.