Monday, December 21, 2009

The City-State Map

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bill Owen and Bob Bledsaw Jr are offering reproductions of the original map of the City-State of the Invincible Overlord (when it was still called "No Name City") for sale. Copies are available here and Mr Owen has stated that the sale of this map will cease after Christmas (or sooner, if all 144 copies made are purchased before December 25). If you're interested in obtaining a copy, there's only a few more days to do so.

My own copy arrived just this morning and it's really a thing to behold. First, it's huge. I mean, really big. It looks like a set of blueprints (although it's white, not blue). Those familiar with the City-State will immediately recognize its layout, although there are a few differences from the published version. The map is also less complete, in the sense that not every location in the city is named or otherwise keyed. Consequently, it's more of a historical artifact than a gaming product, although one could certainly use it in-game if one wished. I'm certainly glad I have a copy and wish more materials like this were made available by other pioneers of the hobby. Kudos to Mr Owen and Judges Guild.

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  1. Mine arrived a week or so ago, and I immediately put it up in my office next to the Darlene World of Greyhawk map.

    And you're right-- I wasn't prepared for just how *big* the thing is. Really impressive.