Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Various Updates

My apologies for the slow-down in posting of late. I had hoped December would be a less busy month than the previous ones, but, alas, that was not to be. With the holidays approaching, I will either find myself with more free time to devote to the blog or less; it's too early to tell which. At any rate, I'll do my best to provide a few more entries this week, since there are several percolating in the back of my fevered brain, along with some reviews and the next installment of the Dwimmermount session recaps.

In the meantime, here are a couple of news bits you may or may not have heard through other sources:
  • The Dungeon Alphabet, by Michael Curtis, is now available for pre-order through Goodman Games. Those who pre-order will be entered into a drawing to receive a collector's copy autographed by cover artist, Erol Otus.
  • Issue #7 of Fight On! (dedicated to M.A.R. Barker) is now available through Lulu. You can get a 20% discount on it and other books available through Lulu by using the code "HOHOHO" at checkout through the end of December.
  • The Cursed Chateau is now available for pre-order. I think it turned out pretty well, although I am a terrible judge of my own work.
More soon.

1 comment:

  1. Ho Ho Oh No! I already order Fight On! 7 before I heard about this 20% holiday discount!

    Oh well.

    I have been sorely tempted by previous issues of Fight On!, but as I am planning an original boxed set EPT campaign as my next offering after my Mutant Future campaign (or perhaps concurrently with it), I could not pass this one up.

    I hope you take enough time for family and yourself this holiday, James.

    You have certainly earned it, and no need to apologize for what is by any count a still sizeable blogging output.