Tuesday, January 19, 2010

John Carter Animation Test

Here's a clip of some rare footage of Bob Clampett's never-produced War Lord of Mars animated film, which, if it had seen the light of day, would have been the first full-length cartoon ever made, beating out even 1937's Snow White.

Thanks to Ryan Harvey at Black Gate Magazine for first posting this material.


  1. I wonder how the animation industry would have been changed if the first full-length cartoon was something more "grown up" than Snow White?

  2. Excepting US-centric general history, it was. q.v. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animated_feature-length_films

    "Grown up" is relative anyhow, I guess; jus' like these "kids" RPGs, no?

    From that full-length animation list, Starevich's stop-motion masterpiece Le Roman de Renard (silent rushes, soon after 1930 rather than 1937 for the sound version as listed) is well worth digging out as the best of the pre-Snow Whites, IMHO. No disrespect to Lotte Reiniger, of course... *g*


    Yeah, would've been great to see, no doubt, and sad that didn't work out. The erbzine links that go along with that as posted on Fin's board are well worth a read, too.



  3. Snow White is the first full-length animated film to use painted cels, if I recall, which is why it usually gets the accolades it does. Perhaps that's unfair to earlier animated films, which used different methods but there it is.

  4. *g* No probs, James, I'm used to definitions and priorities changing to favor Walt Disney & co. ;)

    Another example in that domain would be the claim for precedence on techniques underlying parallax scrolling in cel animation (multiplane cameras, etc.) which are stated invented by WD in 1933 although the first very primitive examples in US animation aren't until a few years later as far as I can find. This despite a rather sweet Japanese short anime from that same year of 1933 ( Noh theatre meets shapeshifter mythos; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyGvGMa2RFg&fmt=18 ) with well-accomplished use of that technique... made more famous later by Snow White, of course.

    Anyhow, OT-ish re. ERB, sorry! ^^

  5. I've seen this before but it's always amazing to watch. The movement in the duel is strikingly fluid--and you have to love the first person action!

  6. I weep for the world that might have been...

  7. Amazing and regrettable that it didn't happen.

    Also, thanks to irbyz, The Adventures of Prince Achmed goes right on my to-order list.

  8. Wow, after viewing that a whole alternate history for the last 70 years unravelled in my mind. I loved those other titles too. Such a shame.

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