Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Reader JD passed along a link to this cool site, Microdungeons by Tony Dowler. Microdungeons are very stylized representations of partial or entire dungeons, done without a map grid but intended to inspire referees when designing their own sites. I think it's a very nifty concept and hope we'll see the site take off in the coming months. I know how difficult it can be to stock a megadungeon and having a supply of bits and pieces to riff off of like these is a terrific boon.

Take a look!


  1. Thanks for the kudos, James. I'm a regular reader of yours. I'm glad you see the utility in the microdungeon concept. I'm looking forward to making many more of these.

  2. Very cool concept. I'll have to read through them in the morning.

  3. Beat me to it, JM! I was going to mention this site after stumbling across it recently.

    Tony, I love how the whole concept got its start as a lucky haul of paper cards:)

  4. Got a 20 on my Initiative roll for posting!

    Glad y'all like that link, I was fascinated by the concept of small portable dungeons which you can put anywhere. No grids, no tables, just some simple drawings and loose concept. It's been a good read so far and rather interesting concept. I hope Tony keeps on posting them, please prod with a hot iron...I mean encourage him to keep working.

  5. This is a really great way to capture ideas. In fact, I think I end up doing something similar with a quick burst of an idea to be flesh out (or abandoned!) later.

    Thanks for the find!

  6. As of dec. 31 2011, it appears the site is down. Sad.