Friday, February 12, 2010

More Marvel Memories

For those who missed it, over on his own blog, Jeff Grubb presents thirty facts about the "secret origins" of the Marvel Super Heroes game, including why the original boxed set included such rudimentary character creation rules.

This is great stuff and I hope more game designers involved in the first decade of the hobby will take time to make posts like this.


  1. Have you seen Bloody 20s?

    Yes, but I stopped visiting it after Rick Krebs stopped posting to it.

  2. TSR then got the license with Marvel. Mayfair soon afterwards got the license for DC. When their game came out, I gave it a nice review in DRAGON magazine. Mayfair used part of that review in its marketing. I was asked TSR's management not to write any more reviews.

    I find the widespread stories of managerial heavy-handedness at Dragon are very disheartening. As a kid, I never suspected that there was this kind of finagling going on behind the scenes, or that the reviewers were anything but honest in their assessments.

  3. That was a veritable layer cake of Geek esoterica. Thanks for the link, James.

  4. From a marketing standpoint, why would they want to have a review that endorsed their competitor's product?