Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vargold: The Wolf-Time

An old Internet acquaintance of mine, Rob Barrett, has started up "a blog for barbaric gaming" dedicated to his just-started Barbarians of Lemuria campaign and related thoughts. Barbarians of Lemuria is an RPG I've had my eye on for a while, but I've never gotten round to looking at it closely. Perhaps Rob's new venture will give me reason to do so.


  1. I've got a post on Vargold thanking you for this plug, James, but I also wanted to express my gratitude here. Gracias!

    Word Verification: "nanater" (sounds like some sort of monstrous anteater to me).

  2. I think you would find that a perusal of BoL would well repay your time. It would certainly be my go to game of the moment for S&S gaming. I look forward to reading this new blog!

  3. Simon did a really top-notch job with BoL. I spent years pimping it, in its first, free edition. Then, he cleaned it up and started charging money and suddenly it became quite popular.

    There's a lesson there, methinks.

  4. I really like this game (the original free version, as it a little above my price range). Its has few stats (well 16, but nothing too complex), and it lists broadly skilled archetypes (heroic careers) instead of a long list of individual skills. The skills listed under each Career are examples, not the exception. Combat is quick and simple. Spells are open-ended, and the rules are highly customizable. And it counts chainmail bikinis as an appropriate form of protection, and that is cool! ;)

    If you like an easy point-based chargen, and fairly static stats, then this is your game.