Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Conan Pic

Here's a scan from a Spanish language magazine posted at the official Robert E. Howard boards. I can't read Spanish very well, so I'm not certain that the accompanying article provides much insight about the film, but the photograph is interesting.

I say "interesting," because, like all such photos, it lacks the context necessary to make a proper judgment about it, other than a gut one. And my gut continues to tell me that Jason Momoa might well be a better Conan than I anticipated but that whatever virtues he possesses will likely be wasted on a B-grade sword-and-sorcery movie that has little of Robert E. Howard in it. Much like James Purefoy as Solomon Kane, the 2011 film may well have an actor who could have, in a less compromised production, portrayed something like a genuine Howard character.

I do hope to be proven wrong, however; I simply don't expect I will be.


  1. You know what I'd like to see? A film of "Red Nails." Not ever likely, though. I really think those who say that Arnie and Marvel Comic, rather than Howard, drive the current popular conception of Conan are right.

  2. Hmm, I don't see any barbaric fury in his facial expression. It looks like he's just 'trying' to be angry.

    ...well that's just whats I sees.

  3. Hang on, James, I'll translatize. Gimmie a few minnows.

  4. Traslated from the picture:

    "The inspiration emanates from comics, graphic novels, games and television series also." - Marcus Nispel, director.

  5. The adaptation I have faith in is John Carter. Just hearing that Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcomn in the Middle, Dentist from Sienfeld) is playing Carter's Civil War Colonel in flashbacks fills my heart with hope.

  6. "Conan"

    The (new and brutal) barbarian invasions

    SOFIA (BULGARIA). FOTOGRAMAS [name of the magazine] travels through time to the far-away Hyborian Age and treads the battlefield in which Jason Momoa (aged 30, seen on the series _Stargate Atlantis_) brandishes his two-handed sword against the hordes of Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang). Muscles and testosterone renewed for the vengeful barbarian born from the pen of Robert E. Howard and which became a hit in the fantasy genre. [I realize this makes little grammatical sense, buuuut...] Almost 30 years after his cinematic debut in _Conan The Barbrarian_ (John Milius, 1982), which would launch a young Arnold Scwarzenegger's carreer, comes a revision of the myth at the hand of director Marcus Nispel (_Friday The 13th_). The director, however, resists talikng of a remake: "The inspiration comes from comics, graphic novels, games and also a TV series. Before seeing Milius' film I had my Conan in mind." And the phenomenon that involves the barbarian amasses fans all over the world. "Conan is politically incorrect: He fights, kills and loves inconsiderately," says the director. The film will place more emphasis than its predecessors on the merciless warrior's youth. Ron Perlman (_Hellboy_) plays the part of young conan's father. The principal cast is completed, in addition to Momoa and Lang (_Avatar_), by Rachel Nichols (_G.I. Joe_) and Rose McGowan (_Planet Terror_).


  7. You know what? If this movie is indeed a grade b sword and sorcery movie...

    Still going to see it!

    Opening night!

    And I have no regrets about that fact. I went to the drive-in to watch Beastmaster, and I still feel good about THAT decision too.

  8. Doc Rotwang,

    Thanks so much for the translation. That's very useful!

  9. If he's going to hold his sword that far back, no wonder his arms have been so hacked about.

    The fight choreography is going to be awful.