Saturday, October 2, 2010

Faster Monkey/Black Blade News

I was sent this press release yesterday while I was offline and thought it worth posting here, since it's potential of interest to old school gaming fans. I've been wondering what plans Black Blade had in the works now that they'll no longer be publishing Swords & Wizardry. I guess now we know, at least in part.
October 1, Silver Spring, Maryland: Indy RPG designer FASTER MONKEY GAMES is proud to announce a new partnership with BLACK BLADE PUBLISHING. Black Blade will sell print and PDF copies of Faster Monkey’s popular old-school modules and game aids.

“From day one, Black Blade has generously supported the Old School Renaissance,” says monkeyboy Jeff Sparks. “We’re honored to work with them as we make the jump to the world of print.”

The partnership officially begins this month with Faster Monkey’s critically-acclaimed adventure SKULL MOUNTAIN. The best-selling module will be available in PDF and high-quality print formats with a classic module design.

Further Faster Monkey products are planned for frequent, regular release. Like all Black Blade offerings, the products are printed on traditional offset presses, resulting in excellent print quality and rapid order fulfillment.

Faster Monkey Games was launched in February 2010 by brothers Joel and Jeff Sparks. The company has published 16 popular RPG products in 8 months, supporting games like Labyrinth Lord™, OSRIC™, Mutant Future™, and Savage Worlds. Faster Monkey products frequently appear in the Top Sellers lists on major PDF retail sites. Blogs, twitter feeds, and product information can be found at

Formed in 2009 by Jon Hershberger and Allan Grohe, Wichita-based Black Blade Publishing is committed to publishing high-quality fantasy role-playing material for all of the hobby’s earliest incarnations. For additional information, visit


  1. That's pretty cool news. I hope Wheel of evil gets a print version.

  2. Excellent. Looks like I'll be getting Skull Mountain after all!

  3. I wish I'd waited a couple of days before grabbing the pdf version of Skull Mountain now. Print is much to be preferred to pdf, imo.

  4. So what is the over all impression, aside from Skull Mt.?

  5. I can't look at "Faster Monkey" without mentally appending "Kill! Kill!"