Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fight On! #10 Released

I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but some of you may not, so it's worth mentioning that the tenth issue of Fight On! has been released. The 140-page issue is available as both a PDF (for $7.00) and as a printed copy (for $9.99). Issue #10 is dedicated to the memory of Tom Moldvay and is filled with a wide variety house rules, musings, and adventures for old school RPGs.

I've got a copy of the PDF and will try to get a review of it up soon, but, from what I've read of it so far, Fight On! remains an excellent resource for anyone looking for ideas and inspiration for their campaigns. It's come a long way from that first issue back in the Spring of 2008, when it was less than a quarter the size of the current issue.

I'm glad to see Fight On! prosper, even if I've found most of my creativity these days goes into my Dwimmermount campaign and this blog, thereby leaving me with little to contribute to the 'zine. With the disappearance of OD&Dities again and the uncertain status of Knockspell, Fight On! (and Oubliette) is the only regularly produced old school fanzines of which I'm aware and it's encouraging to see it still going strong. Kudos to Ignatius Umlaut and his contributors for all their hard work and imagination!


  1. Just a shout out here for John Stater's Land of Nod periodical whose primary focus is old school games (particularly S&W I believe), now on its 5th issue.

  2. Thanks for pointing that one out! I was totally unaware of it until now. Good to see another fanzine in publication.

  3. NOD gets a nod from me as well. I have a review of the first two issues in the forthcoming issue of Knockspell.