Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Druids of Dwimmermount, Part III

As noted in Part II, druids can continue to use many clerical spells, in addition to many new spells taught only by their order. What follows is a list of their spells by level, with a notation indicating whether it's a clerical or druidical spell. In all cases, I'm using the names of these spells as presented in Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion and I direct you to those books (or their complimentary no-art versions) for more details. Note too that, in my campaign, there are no commonly available spells above level 5 for clerics (or level 6 for magic-users), so the lists below do not include 6th or 7th level spells.

The text in the quote box below is hereby designated Open Game Content via the Open Game License.

1st Level
Cure (Cause) Light Wounds (Cleric)
Detect Magic (Cleric)
Divine Weather (Druid)
4. Faerie Fire (Druid)
5. Locate Creature (Druid)
6. Purify Food and Drink (Cleric)

2nd Level

1. Find Plant (Druid)
2. Find Traps (Cleric)
3. Heat Metal (Druid)
4. Hold Person (Cleric)
5. Obscuring Mist (Druid)
6. Produce Flame (Druid)
7. Silence 15' Radius (Cleric)
8. Snake Charm (Cleric)
9. Speak with Animals (Cleric)
10. Warp Wood (Druid)

3rd Level
Call Lightning (Druid)
Cure Disease (Cleric)
3. Cure Disease (Cleric)
4. Dispel Magic (Cleric)
5. Hold Animal (Druid)
6. Locate Object (Cleric)
7. Plant Growth (Druid)
8. Protection from Fire (Druid)
9. Pyrotechnics (Druid)
10. Water Breathing (Druid)

4th Level
1. Cure (Cause) Serious Wounds (Cleric)
2. Hallucinatory Terrain (Druid)
3. Neutralize Poison (Cleric)
4. Passplant (Druid)
5. Produce Flame (Druid)
6. Protection from Electricity (Druid)
7. Speak with Plants (Cleric)
8. Sticks to Snakes
9. Summon Animal I (Druid)
10. Temperature Control (Druid)

5th Level
Animal Growth (Druid)
2. Animal Summoning II (Druid)
3. Anti-Plant Shell (Druid)
4. Commune with Nature (Druid)
5. Control Winds (Druid)
6. Hold Vegetation and Fungus (Druid)
7. Insect Plague
8. Transmute Rock to Mud (Druid)
9. Transport via Plants (Druid)
10. Wall of Fire


  1. Interesting that level 1 has only six spells, while the others have ten each.

  2. James, you say there are no "commonly available" higher level spells in your campaign. Do you have anything in mind for how spells might be uncommonly available? I.e. are certain high level spells castable as normal while others just don't exist, or do they require special research or rituals or anything like that? I've also wondered recently about whether high level spells should be more limited somehow -- just being able to throw off 4 x 9th level spells a day seems pretty outrageous!