Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Petty Gods Update

That's Khaldranath the Ox Lord, another petty god who'll be making his appearance once this book is made available.

So, where do things stand on this project? There are still some late submissions I haven't yet looked at, as well as quite a few art descriptions I need to send out. My plan -- and we all know how good I am at following through with such things -- is to sort through the last submissions today. Then I'll final table of contents for the book, which I'll post here in a few days, listing the names of all the gods, their areas of patronage, and their authors, as well as whether I have an illustration for them. That way artists who'd still like to contribute can pick a deity of their choice rather than having one assigned to them by me. My hope is to have the text all done and ready to go by month's end. After that, it's just a question of layout, which in turn depends on having all the illustrations in my hands. Once I do, we're in the home stretch. The final book will be made available as a free PDF or as a for-cost book on Lulu.com.

Let me also state here that, while I plan to release the text of the gods as Open Content under the Open Game License, neither Paul Jaquays's foreword nor any of the artwork are Open Content, with the copyrights to each remaining with their creators. If anyone who contributed to Petty Gods does not want their submission to be released as OGC, please contact me separately and I can accommodate you to the extent it's possible under the OGL. Otherwise, my intention is to release this material to the world in the hopes that others will adopt and adapt some of it in their own games and projects.


  1. Mr Author/Editor Man - why not truly honor these "petty" gods, sir, and add a small retainer fee to the final cost of the book on sale at Lulu? It doesn't have to be particularly impressive but rather makes its point as "one that's nice and not too expensive." Thus, Charon smiles. Thus the Gods in question remember to feast post sated on their unsuspecting flatters. Thus spake Zarathustra.

  2. Mr Author/Editor Man - why not truly honor these "petty" gods, sir, and add a small retainer fee to the final cost of the book on sale at Lulu?

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that, since everyone else involved is getting no compensation for their efforts. I conceived of this as a wholly not-for-profit project and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

  3. Yeah, it just hurts regards the output (and in general) to not have the wealth of the thing acknowledged in coin - this is D&D, Josh (Eddie Vedder Even Flow Youtube). I agree with your reasoning. I wish there was an alternative model though.

  4. When's the next update? I'm yearning for more news!