Thursday, June 2, 2011

Latest MRQII News

Over The Rune Under Water, there's a link to a post by Matt Sprange of Mongoose Publishing, where he talks about their latest thinking regarding The Game Formerly Known as Runquest II. From the sounds of it, Mongoose seems well inclined toward releasing the next iteration of the game under the OGL, along all its non-setting-based supplements. If so, that's good news both for MRQII fans and for publishers looking to support the game.


  1. I think the OGL of the rules will be the best thing to happen. It's a great set of rules and deserves to live indefinitely.

  2. I certainly hope that the game is released under OGL!

  3. Also, it seems that a MRQII/Wayfarer version of 'The Spider God's Bride' will be coming out.