Thursday, June 16, 2011

MRQII Becomes Legend

Several readers pointed me toward some news concerning the fate of Mongoose Publishing's RuneQuest II, the bulk of which I reproduce below:

First up, we have been chatting to those nice chaps at Ye Olde Gaming Companye and found out that they were not only prepping a new version for their Wayfarers RPG but that they were in need of distribution. Being familiar with their game and seeing they were obviously such nice chaps, we immediatly offered to print and distribute their game!
The Wayfarers RPG will be released by Mongoose in December this year, likely in the second week. We will be following it up with the first supplement in January, World of Twylos. Look for them in all good game stores.
Naturally, having a game called Wayfarers and another called Wayfarer released within a couple of months of each other does not make a great deal of sense! We discussed this with the chaps at Ye Olde Gaming Companye and, having no axe to grind, agreed we would change the name of our game.
Henceforth, the core RuneQuest II rules will be known as Legend.
First off, we have to stress that Legend will be 100% compatible with your current RQII books. If you have an RQII book now, you will be able to use it with Legend. If you buy a Legend book, you will be able to use it with your RQII books. So it is written, so it shall be.
We have had a few requests about tweaking the core RQII rules or adding some bits and pieces to them, and we are considering this. However, _if_ we add or change anything to RQII (and _if_ we do, it will be minor) then we will post any such changes, in their entirety, on our weeb site for free download. We are not looking at doing this lightly but where a tweak will make for a better game, we will have to consider it.
Second, All Legend books will be in 'digest' format, literally half the footprint of the current RQII line. The maximum price for these books will be $19.99, and a few will be less than that.
Finally, we have decided to proceed with an 'open' licence for Legend. This will allow anyone to publish pretty much anything they like using the RQII/Legend mechanics.
However, we are going to make it easier to operate and be a part of. There will be no registration required and no complicated contracts or agreements. You will simply abide by a few very easy rules (such as not copying the front cover designs of our books), put a Legend Compatible logo on the front, and you will be good to go! There will be no SRD - instead, you may freely use anything that appears in the core book range - from the schedule above, this will include the main rulebook, Monsters of Legend, Arms of Legend and Vikings of Legend. And yes, when they appear (likely in summer 2012), Samurai and Pirates of Legend too!
So, if you want to construct your own Viking saga, for example, you can do so using Vikings of Legend as the foundation, and then publish it alongside our core book. We recommend sticking to the digest format, but there is absolutely no requirement to do so.


  1. Looks like a win win for all concerned. Ye Olde Gaming get distribution, Legends is going OGL, and Mongoose generates a lot of goodwill.

  2. Not a huge of the digest books, they often have small print that is hard on my aging eyes. But other than that quibble, this is great news indeed.

  3. Wow. Good on Mongoose. Quick turnarounds turn potentially ugly situations golden. Great work for both YOGC and Mongoose.

  4. Very good news! I had my doubts about 'Wayfarer-now-Legend', but this is quite encouraging. The open license is especially welcome.

    Also nice that Mongoose worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement with Ye Olde Gaming Company.

    The only disappointing thing in the announcement is no mention of any further 'Eternal Champion' books.

  5. I'm glad this worked out for everyone.

  6. Yes, it's really nice to see an rpg company be so magnanimous and open. Mentioning no names, but some other companies could learn from this.

    I'm quite fond of the smaller format, so this might get me to pick up Legend. Everybody wins!

  7. This looks like a great opportunity to get Mongoose to print and distribute the D6 Legend system. Hopefully, they'll then choose the name Ghostbusters.

  8. I'm a big fans of d100 games but I still can't see why one would chose Legends/Wayfarers/MRQII over the concise, inexpensive, open source, and already in print OpenQuest.

  9. Mongoose really couldn't have been cooler about the situation. Thanks for carrying the news.

  10. @Captain Jack: Because L/W/MRQ2 has a more interesting combat system? Because chargen is just plain better in MRQ2? Because MRQ2 is an evolution of the AH RQ3 rules - an outstanding rules set in its own right? All in my opinion, of course.