Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Dragon Day

The Brazilian old school game, Old Dragon, about which I've spoken before, is marking the one-year anniversary of its publication on November 5, 2011. To celebrate, there will be games being played all across Brazil. To participate, whether as a player or as a referee, visit this website and register.

Though I (obviously) won't be able to participate in this, I'm very pleased to see events like this. If nothing else, it's a reminder that the old school renaissance knows no borders.


  1. I looked to purchase a copy of the Old Dragon pdf last night, but sadly their online store only has an address option for Brasil. I hope that changes because I'd like to have a look at what they've done. It certainly looks like the old school scene in Brasil is going great guns.

  2. I so happy to see a Brazilian game in foreing blogs! Proud!

    Unfortunally, Old Dragon Day's adventure is only in Portuguese language... Well, i can play it, and i roll some dice for all old school players of the world!

    You're all invited to know ours Old Scholl RPG. Because the Old Dragons are best! :D

    (please forgive my poor english...:/)

  3. First, I'm very proud to see our little Old Dragon being talked on a blog with the importance of Grognardia. Means that it is right on track on the Old School Renaissance and leaves everyone (authors, contributors, referees and players) proud to be a part of it all.

    As for the game is only in Brazilian Portuguese, I can not say anything, just that we are aiming for you, too.

  4. Hey guys, hello from Brazil, I'll be running a game in ODDay and just wish you could see the quality of the products produced by RedBox for the Old Dragon RPG.
    Top notch products and costumer service.
    There is a bunch of guys in the Old Dragon mail group that are translating the Old Dragon Fast Play PDF to english, but there are so many projects in there that I just think that got pushed back a little.
    The next product in the Old Dragon line will be "O Forte das Terras Marginais" by Rafael Beltrame due in late October that is a new look at "The Keep on the Borderlands" for which you can see a preview here:

    Well, I am just really happy to see a brazillian company that strives for quality and that it is as passionate as I am for the game.


    Disclaimer: I am only linked to anyone in RedBox as fan.

  5. Old Dragon is project that I've been following for some time, since its demo versions and right into the hard copy, that is downright gorgeous. The game is streamlined, elegant and puts the OSR into third gear at our D&D 4th-edition dominated country (since most people here in Brazil only now D&D 3.x and 4 as their main RPG representations).

    Now, if we could get a translated version of S&W to compete with OD...