Monday, January 30, 2012

RIP Jean Wells (1955-2012)

TSR alumnus Steve Sullivan is reporting that Jean Wells, who was the original "Sage" of Dragon's "Sage Advice" column, as well as the author of Palace of the Silver Princess, has died at the age of 56. This is very sad news, as we've lost another individual associated with the early days of the hobby far too soon.


  1. Sorry to here this. I am, in fact, currently taking my gaming group through the original orange-cover version of B3 The Palace of the Silver Princess. It's been a weird, fun adventure... thanks, Ms Wells!

  2. Sad. I liked Palace of the Silver Princess very much back in the day. I give my condolences to her family FWIW.

  3. I remember Jean fondly as one of the early editors of Dragon Magazine's Sage Advice column. Jean, I always appreciated your patience and good humour in dealing with the earliest min-maxers and powergamers.

    Rest In Peace.

  4. Another reminder just how old we're getting.

    1. Um, 56 is not exactly old in this day and age. It is nowhere near the life expectancy.

      I suspect her passing was not due to "old age." Something along the lines of "...we need to take care of ourselves and each other..." or "...never take your good health for granted..." is probably more appropriate.

      I read those articles as a kid, and in the last year or so discovered the Silver Princess module and thought it was pretty cool (not an opinion I have for many published adventures). This is sad news. Sending positive vibes to the friends and family.

  5. Jean Wells - TSR Bibliography
    Monster Manual (1979) - Interior Art added to Aug 1979 revision (Eye of the Deep, Giant Sumatran Rat, Otyugh (with "Dave"), Violet Fungi)
    S2 White Plume Mountain (1979) - Editor
    Lost Tamaochan (1979) - Interior Art and other help
    Rogues Gallery (1980) - Design (Co-Author), Editing and Layout; includes her character Ceatitle
    B2 Keep on the Borderlands (1980) - Editor
    B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (1981) - Author and Interior Art
    A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (1981) - Interior Art
    Polyhedron #3 (Winter 1981) - Interior Art ("Plant Creature" = Jupiter Blood Sucker from B3)
    Polyhedron #4 (Jan 1982) - Interior Art (illustration of Duchess and Candella)
    Sage Advice column in Dragon (years?)

    This is probably incomplete, so let me know if you come across anything else

  6. This is very sad news.

    Back in September of 2010, Jean Wells was interviewed by Vincent and crew over at the "Save or Die" podcast:

    It's well worth checking out to hear Jean in her own voice, especially as she discusses some of the controversy surrounding her product.

  7. Jeez, that's sad. I got to know Jean a bit when I was active in the RPGA; she was very nice and very supportive. My sympathies to her family.

  8. Another long standing RPG artist leaving us way too soon. She definitely left a mark. My sympathies to her family, stick together, you are gonna need it in the coming months and years.

  9. So sad news... Condoleances to her family.