Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dwimmermount G+ 3/16

If you commented on this post under the name "Josh D.," "sabode," or "Welleran," drop me a note at to indicate that you're still interested and available to play online tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. I may have another slot available, as well, and, if so, I'll make an announcement about that here tomorrow.

As for lurkers/watchers, I'm open to the possibility, provided that their presence doesn't adversely affect the running of G+. As I understand it, hangouts can handle up to 10 people, but work best with 5 or less. Last week, we have four players, myself, and one lurker and it worked just fine. So, in principle, I'm not opposed to spectators.

I'm going to continue to do these sessions each week. Starting next week, I'm going to try and schedule a few for different days and times to make them more accessible to players outside the East Coast of North America. I'll post about that when I have the details worked out.


  1. Is the Broadcast Live feature working? That would seem a great way to let people listen in without interfering.