Saturday, March 31, 2012

FYI Re: Comments

I'm playing around with a new comments application in place of the default Blogger one. For that reason, all the old comments have been temporarily removed. They should reappear sometime over the next day or so. I'm also playing around with different settings for the commenting app, so bear with me if things are a little chaotic in the meantime. It's my hope everything will be back to normal soon.


  1. I like this one, but if it gets a few levels down it's getting pretty narrow.

  2.  What are the main problems you have with the original? I'm not terribly fond of it either, but have realized how good it is compared to the way Wordpress works on Trollhalla.

  3.  There are several issues, one of them being that I can't edit comments after I've posted them. Likewise, Blogger has a nasty habit of flagging comments as spam that aren't actually spam. Finally, I'd like the ability to ban IPs and there's simply no way to do that in Blogger so far as I know.

  4.  I have also felt the lack of editing, but considering the limitations of the text box for Diqus I'm not sure I think it solves the problem.

    Hmm. Right now the text box keeps expanding while I type, maybe the former oddity I experienced was a one off. But the indentation is still annoying. This text box is very narrow now...

    Ban IPs sounds like a problem for a blog far more popular than mine. Like, eh Grognardia? I think I see why it could be useful.

  5. James, I've never posted before but I love your blog. Just wondering, will the comments on the older articles be coming back any time soon? When the pages load, I see the comments for an instant but then they disappear.
    I have to admit I'm not terribly fond of the new commenting engine: it takes longer to load, it's setting off all sorts of warnings about 3rd party cookies, and the beige font is rather hard to read.

    Then on top of all that, I tried logging in via Yahoo but Disqus simply wouldn't recognize it after closing the popup (even though Yahoo clearly showed me as "being logged in").  I'm glad I didn't give Disqus my Facebook password, it almost seems like they're trying to harvest people's passwords.

  6. The old comments were supposed to have been reappeared in Disqus format by now, but they don't seem to have, which is annoying. I'm thinking of giving it a couple more days to see how I feel about continuing or not. Right now, I remain deeply ambivalent. Much as I enjoy some of the features Disqus provides, I also find there are other aspects of it that are annoying and actually discourage commenting.

    So, between now and Easter I'll make a final decision, but, right now, I am leaning toward returning to the old Blogger system, as anemic as it is.