Thursday, September 10, 2020

Weird Maps III

I'm very fond of fantasy stories about individuals from our world who find themselves transported to another one, whether it be Oz, Barsoom, or the Land. In my opinion, it's an underused device in fantasy roleplaying games and really ought to be used more

Norton Juster's 1961 novel – I won't call it a children's novel, because it's a delightful book for people of all ages – The Phantom Tollbooth is a story in this vein. It follows the adventures of a bored boy named Milo in the divided Kingdom of Wisdom. The map to said kingdom (drawn by cartoonist Jules Feiffer) can be seen above and is another great example of a weird map. 

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  1. I loved this book as a kid. It, and other books in this vein like The Sleeping Dragon had a huge influence on me. In fact, my own Tekumel campaign involves characters that were transported there from 1976 America. I have wanted to work something like that into a RPG since I was a kid and finally saw the chance.