Monday, September 28, 2020

Pinball Wizard

Via this very useful site, I was able to prove that my age-addled recollections of their having been a Dungeons & Dragons pinball game weren't mistaken. According to the site, this Bally-made cabinet was released in 1987, which is later than I'd have guessed. That's well after the Golden Age of arcades in the mid-1980s or the period of D&D's faddish popularity, though pinball has always struck me as being its own thing, distinct from other arcade games, so the aforementioned factors might not be relevant. 

In any case, here it is, in all its glory, complete with a reproduction of Larry Elmore's iconic cover illustration to Frank Mentzer's 1983 revision of the D&D Basic Set. I'm no expert in these matters, but it looks rather nice to my eyes. Did anyone else ever see one back in the day?

1 comment:

  1. Not sure I ever saw this, though I was playing a lot of pinball still by mid 90s. There were still plenty of places that had them in my city. Never saw the DnD machine. I have seen a couple of DnD slot machines in Vegas the last several years. On one you could actually and save you character with a code.