Monday, August 9, 2021


The other day I received what I think is the very first person of fan art for The Vaults of sha-Arthan – an illustration of the Chenot nonhuman species by Kelvin Green

I absolutely love this piece and the way that Kelvin used the original illustration by Zhu Bajiee and ran with it in a direction all his own. 

Work on the True World – the setting of Vaults – has kept me busy lately, which is partially responsible for the decreased pace of my posts in the last few weeks. I've put together nearly 30 pages of a rules-focused "Player's Guide" for use by those participating in the campaign once it kicks off. I've still got to finish the magic section and then that's more or less done for the time being, after which I'll begin serious work on presenting an overview of the setting for players. 

The process of creating a new fantasy setting has been a great deal of fun. I'm taking particular pleasure in re-imagining and reframing the core elements of D&D – classes, races, spells, etc. – to establish something that's both familiar and alien at the same time. The real test of whether I succeed is how the players in the campaign react to it all, but, thus far, I'm quite happy with the results.



  1. How close are the spells going to be to OSE ones? Sleep, Charm Person, etc, or are we looking at entirely new spells?

    Can't wait for the world info though, really looking forward to that part.

    1. They'll be mostly different from the "standard" spells, though you will likely notice certain points of commonality. On the other hand, they're level-less; all spells are usable by sorcerers of any level, though they all increase in power based on the caster's level.