Monday, August 16, 2021

Sorcerer Spells of sha-Arthan

I spent the weekend hard at work on detailing sorcerer spells for my upcoming The Vaults of sha-Arthan campaign. As you can see, spells aren't leveled in the same way they are in traditional Dungeons & Dragons. Instead, I've decided to make all spells available to all sorcerers, regardless of level. However, the sorcerer's level determines the effect of the spell, with some spells offering much more impressive effects when cast by high-level sorcerers. The document is still in draft form and will probably not see a truly final version until I've had the chance to test it in the campaign (which I hope will begin next month sometime). For now, I'm simply plowing ahead, hoping to get it to done so I can add it to the growing sha-Arthan Player's Guide.

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