Tuesday, August 2, 2022

An Experiment

Dritlor (Doomed Dead)

The people of Inba Iro burn their dead, believing the soul can only return to the eternal gods if so liberated from the prison of the flesh. For this reason, the priests of Jilho the Protector deny condemned lawbreakers cremation. Through sorcery, they instead compel them to serve after execution as guardians of the upper levels of the Vaults. Only fire can permanently end a dritlor's earthly bondage or else it reanimates not long after its apparent destruction. 

STR 2d6+6 (13), CON 1d6 (4), DEX 3d6 (11), SIZ 3d6 (11), INT 0, POW 0, CHA 0, HP 8, DM 0, MP 0, MR 15, Armor Leather (2), Treasure 0, Dodge 10%, Persistence 100%, Resilience 100%, Close Combat 35%: Longspear (1d8), Medium Shield (1d6)

  • Guardians: Always attacks on sight
  • Undead: Immune to all diseases, fatigue, poisons, and mind control.
  • Reanimation: If destroyed (0hp), stitches itself back together to full hp and fights again after 2d6 rounds.
  • Fire: Cannot reanimate if burned after destruction.
A dritlor by Zhu Bajiee


  1. Decided to give OQ a look after all?

    1. I've liked OQ since the first time I read it years ago, but lately I've found myself really drawn to it. I think BRP and its derivatives have a lot to offer.

    2. Agreed on both counts. Looking forward to more of your setting "conversions" and discussion re: the OQ system.

  2. I like it. It gives a little bit of background to society in a fantasy setting for your game.

  3. Looks good. Openquest is a fine game