Friday, April 7, 2023

Beyond Gamma World

The foreword to the first edition of Gamma World, which provides an overview of its future history, includes a very brief mention of space travel: "Man had reached for the stars and attained them." "The Albuquerque Starport," about which I wrote yesterday, expands on this a little bit but still doesn't say a great deal on the topic. In 1984, however, there were a pair of articles in the pages of Dragon that described the situation at Tycho Base on the Moon and the weird mutants who dwell there in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

Much less well known is an article that appeared in issue #26 of the Polyhedron 'zine (1985), entitled "Gamma Mars." Written by Roger E. Moore, who seemingly had his fingers in nearly every TSR pie during the mid-80s, the two-page article presented information on mankind's Mars colonies and their current status as of the start of the mid-25th century. 

The article, though only two pages in length, is quite interesting, both as a description of the wider setting of Gamma World – second edition, to be clear – and as part of the history of TSR. I'll return to it in a future post in this look at the game's setting, but, for the moment, I simply wanted to remind everyone of its existence, since, being in Polyhedron, it was probably less widely read than Dragon's articles about the Moon.


  1. I belonged to the RPGA for two non-consecutive years (not sure which ones, I just remember a frustrating gap in my issue numbers). But I remember being impressed by it's 'beyond D&D' scope. Gamma World, Boot Hill, and Top Secret all got articles.

  2. Thanks for this Gamma World content recently. I used to see it in the TSR catalog in the early to mid 80's but didn't know anyone who was into it and the material was nowhere near as readily available as (A)D&D. Think I will go back and brush up on it- maybe my OSE group would like to run some when we finish up Silveraxe.