Tuesday, April 4, 2023

You're Next, Punk!


  1. 400 million people? Clearly set after Block Mania and the Apocalypse War.
    A few years ago, a new set of RPGs based on Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog got published (rules and some campaign supplements), but I don't think they gained much traction.
    That's probably the result of not much IP-awareness in the case of Strontium Dog; for Judge Dredd, there is wider awareness, but for the game there are limited role-play options - you'd all have to be either criminals or Judges.

    1. The main image is in fact repurposed from Block Mania; it's the "I'm with Rowdy Yates Block!" panel.

    2. You're absolutely right - the last episode of Block Mania.

      I think that Judge Dredd best transfers to a tabletop skirmish game, rather than an RPG. Warlord Games have done a decent job with the 2000AD licence and have just released the start of a Block Wars expansion.

  2. I really enjoyed the premise of Judge Dredd RPG bit whenever we played it it didn't live up to the source material. JD in comic form was always about how he interacted with MC1 and a party of judges doesn't work.with that quite as easily.