Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Terminal Space 1.2

A new version of Albert Rakowski's terrific science fiction/fantasy supplement to OD&D, Terminal Space, is now available for free download in version 1.2. The new version includes a new cover, new starships and monsters, new spells, a new character class, and corrections to some errors in the previous release. It's every bit as terrific as the original and it's well worth checking out.

I'll have some more to say about Terminal Space soon, time permitting.


  1. I just downloaded this yesterday. Looks fabulous!

  2. It is very nice. The grammar police could swing by it for a visit, but the game itself is very solid and looks great.

  3. Pretty cool. I love the Beholders-in-space illustration.

  4. It's a fun project and while it would benefit from some editing, the basic game itself is very good. I'd like to see more of this sort of thing coming out of the Old School...

  5. Ancientvaults,

    To be fair, the writer is a non-native writer of English. It's certainly more well written than anything I could right in Polish :)


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