Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Tomorrow

Today has been one of those unproductive days where I did nothing and don't feel bad about it, so I'll post my next A to Z entry tomorrow sometime instead today, as originally planned.


  1. As you can see, my brain also took the day off.

  2. H is for "To Hell with it!"?

  3. H is for "having too much fun killing zombies!"

  4. H is for Holiday apparently. I have been making my posts a day ahead so I don't end up doing this. It also let me make sure that Rob Conley was fine with me using what he did with guards when I did my post G is for Guards.

  5. H is for H'agriculture...urp!

    Beware all you blood suckers...for my Garlic farm produces 5 tons (22,400 lb) of garlic per acre and is worth a chest fool of Gold.

    You'se has been Warned!

    Erne the Halflin Garlic Farmer

  6. This is funny and I've brushed up against it myself this month


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