Thursday, October 2, 2008


Can anyone direct to me to any Open Game Content versions of the Dao and Marid (preferably both)?



  1. Something like this? ENWorld:



  2. That's more or less what I'm looking for, yes, but I'd like ones whose OGC status is clearer. That site seems a bit fuzzy on the concept.

  3. Unfortunately, they were in the 3e Manual of the Planes, released in 2001, before things like the Tome of Horrors (2002) were made. WotC never released them into Open Game Content or gave anyone permission to do them as OGC, and as best I know nobody tried cloning them from open sources.

    It's reasonably possible to reconstruct some sort of marid from a mix of OGC and public-domain sources, since the marid as a type of genie associated with the ocean is part of Arab folklore.

    The dao, on the other hand, seems to be a pure D&Dism. Logically a fourth type of genie, specific to Earth, would follow from the existence of three other elemental types . . . but they'd probably have to have a different name, much less any other characteristics in common.

  4. Whaddaya know? I was wrong. A further search reveals that the marid showed up in the Tome of Horrors III.

    Still can't find any dao, but . . .

  5. Any chance you could use another folkloric source? For example: The azi or tag-azi, Siberian mountain spirit of the Khachar and Buryat peoples, described as "red headed earth spirits that like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea...and reward [those] that please them. Those that irritate them forfeit their souls."

    (Via, which looks like an awesome resource for pantheon building.)

  6. I think there are OGL versions in Necromancer Games' City of Brass, but I don't have the books with me at the moment.

  7. Just did a full text search on the City of Brass PDF. Marids are brought up repeatedly, and have a monster entry (looks to be the same as in Necromancer Games's Tome of Horrors III). Dao are never mentioned, even once.

  8. Ping Kevin "BOZ" @ or Erica B "DnDChic" Balsley @ and I'm sure one or both of them would be able to confirm whether or not the dao is OGC from somewhere.


  9. Allan,

    Thanks muchly! I'll drop them notes to see if they can help.